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To Register for classes:  Please click on “Courses” in the top navigation bar and then click in the open box to find your School District.  Schools are listed in alphabetical order from top to bottom.  Click “View Course” to see the dates and register for a particular class.

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What if KidStage is not currently offered at my school?

If your school and/or district is not listed at this time, we can change that!  Reach out to us directly ( or 303.514.8600) to coordinate communication between KidStage and your school’s admin team to get a class set-up at your school!

How does KidStage work? How do I find out about classes?

Please go to our FAQ (Frequently asked questions) link above to find out more on how our program works.  Any unanswered questions can be sent to

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Instead of waiting or hoping for a flyer to come to you through the school, email now and ask to have your email added to our distribution list for your child’s school!